At Breathe Retreat, we believe that wellness is an all-encompassing holistic approach to living life healthily. It is the organic and whole foods that you eat. It is the fresh water that you drink. It is the mindful exercise of the physical body. It is the thoughtful appreciation of your surroundings and the slowing down of the mind.  It is about relaxing and releasing stress and tension to find a balanced unification of the body, mind and spirit. This retreat centers around these deeply held core values, and we offer opportunities to discuss your health and wellness with wellness coach Shaun Raskin and Ayurvedic consultant Jessica Winderl. Want to take time to journal about your retreat experience and find inner reflection? Shaun can help you find a starting point. Want to know more about Ayurveda, which is the sister science of yoga and the holistic healing modality of India? Jessica can answer your questions and make personalized lifestyle suggestions for you based on your unique doshic composition, according to Ayurveda.

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